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In electronic commerce, since buyers and sellers do business without seeing each other, they need to take some additional measures to ensure mutual trust. First of all, the buying and selling parties want to be sure of each other’s identities. This need is the reason for development of digital signature and digital certificates. Both parties can be sure of each other’s identities through these. Currently in Turkey, as the infrastructure related to digital certificates has not been established yet, individual users have not started to use digital certificates and seller websites have not stipulated these to their customers. Therefore, sellers cannot control identities of their buyers. However, our bank introduced this condition to the companies that wish to make sales through Garanti Bank’s payment system and consequently prevented the doubts of consumers about the identity of the website they are shopping.
Another issue to be considered on the security in e-commerce is the risk of third parties taking possession of credit card, etc. information of the buyers, who have to provide this for shopping on e-commerce websites. As it is known, especially in telemarketing (putting an ad on the newspaper, catalog sales, etc.), giving credit card number and expiration date are enough to shop. Therefore, protection of such information is very important for development of electronic commerce.
However, the risk of credit card information falling into the hands of others in e-commerce is much more less than in daily life. During payments in daily life, since the credit card is given to another person, confidentiality of the information on the credit card is largely eliminated. Companies that render virtual shopping services are widely using security standards, such as SSL and SET, to ensure security and confidentiality of the credit card information. Thanks to the security systems based on encrypting and transferring the information during the data flow between the user, workplace or the bank, decoding (usage) of the information is prevented, if it is possessed by someone else. Thus, confidentiality of the card information and security of shopping are ensured. While the companies using the system of Garanti Bank cannot see the credit card information of their clients, Garanti Bank does not know the content of the shopping. Moreover, credit card holders have the right to object to the purchases made on the internet like any other purchase.
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