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How can I shop ?

1. First, you need to register to our web site. To become a member, please go to “Become a member” or “New member registration” sections.

2. After you determined the products you want to buy, you can add the products to your shopping cart by clicking  "Add to Cart" button. After that you can specify the quantity. The purpose of the shopping cart is to provide a convenience purchase.

3. In your shopping cart; you can see prices and some information about your products, you can change the quantitiy or you can delete the product.

4. You can buy products with two different ways: Credit card and bank transfer payment. Please select your payment method and payment detail screen will appear. After that you can  give related information and then click "Buy" button.

5. When you confirmed the order by credit card, the information passes over the internet to related bank’s network service by special pass. (SSL) If your credit card information is valid, your order is accepted. When your order is completed correctly, the customer receives an e-mail with information about the order. Purchased products are sent directly from stock to customer’s address with forwarder company and customer is informed with tracking number to check order status.

What are the advantages of being a member ?

If you are a member in our web site, you can be informed about new products related to your ​​interest and some special offers. You don’t have to write requested information every time.

How can I return ?

  • Each product is under manufacturer's warranty.
  • You can return products without opening/destroying package in  7 days after delivery. Please return the product with invoice and order number form.
  • If you think the package is damaged during shipment, please open the package and check it in front of forwarder company officer. If there is any damage, don’t accept delivery and prepare written report to officer.
  • After returned product was taken, product price is paid back to customer in 10 days.
  • If the package is opened or damaged, product return isn’t acceptable.    
  • If product return is acceptable, freight cost will be paid by customer.

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