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High Low Hydraulic Gear Pump - Tandem Pumps
High Low Hydraulic Gear Pump - Tandem Pumps
High Low Hydraulic Gear Pump - Tandem Pumps

High Low Hydraulic Gear Pump - Tandem Pumps

High low hydraulic gear pump, Applications: Log splitters, Crimping machines, Waste compactors, Metal forming machines etc.

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Brand : Hydropack
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 High Low Hydraulic Gear Pump 

 High Low Hydraulic Gear Pump


Many systems require a high volume at low pressure for rapid traverse of a vise or tool, and then low volume, high pressure for clamping or feeding. This can be accomplished by a hi-lo circuit using two pumps. During rapid traverse, both pumps supply the system. When pressure rises during clamping or feed, the large-volume main pump unloads and the small pump maintains pressure. These gear pumps offer the advantage of requiring lower power of the motor.

Hydropack high-low tandem gear pumps are special pumps with integrated valves as shown in the hydraulic circuit above:

1) First stage high pressure
2) Second stage low pressure
3) Unloading valve


~Waste compactors

~Log splitters

~Clamp mechanisms

~Crimping machines

~Metal forming machines etc.


~European 4 bolt flange

~1:8 tapered shaft

~Common inlet & outlet

~Front pump: 10 cc/rev, Rear pump: 18 cc/rev, Rotation: Clockwise

~Unloading valve opening pressure 60-65 bar

~From 4,5 to 30 cc/rev displacement options

~First stage nominal pressure 200 bar, nominal speed 1500 rpm

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