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MAPB46SH Heavy Duty Axial Piston Motor
MAPB46SH Heavy Duty Axial Piston Motor

MAPB46SH Heavy Duty Axial Piston Motor

MAP series axial piston motors have high starting torque and compact design. Advantages are; pulsations and vibrations during the operation are much less and MAP motors are more reliable than the bent axis motors.

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Brand : Hydropack
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Displacement [cm3/rev]


Max. Speed [RPM]

4000 (cont.) – 4500 (int.*)

Max. Torque*** [Nm]

263 (cont.) – 315 (int.**)

Max. Output Power [kW]

76 (cont.) – 110 (int.**)

Max. Pressure [bar]

350 (cont.) – 420 (int.**)

Max. Oil Flow [lpm]

189 (cont.) – 212 (int.*)

Permissibble Shaft Load [N]

Max. 2000 (axial****) – max. 3600 (radial****)

Min. Speed [RPM]


Max. Pressure in Drain Line [bar]

5 - Open drain line is always required


Motor shaft is "SH" type. Please kindly check catalogue for specifications. Different shaft options are also available.

* Intermittent speed (flow) is for pressure up to 150 bar.

** Intermittent load: the permissible values may occur for max. 10% of every minute.

*** Theoretical torque

**** The calculated max values are based on the optimal direction of the forces Fr (radial force), Fa (axial force) and optimal position of the shaft.



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